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EN PLUS +A2 Wood Pellets

Our EN plus-A2 are high quality wood pellets for domestic use. If You think about difference about DIN plus and EN plus-A2 You will not see big difference. Mostly what You will see is that You will have ~10 % less costs compared to DIN plus. Even the heat theoritically is less than in DIN plus, but we have seen that many sellers sell DIN plus with the heat the same as for EN plus-A2 which is not correct

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Description Enplus +A2 Wood Pellets.
We supply Enplus +A2 Wood Pellets manufactured from Soft Pine Wood.

Prime Wood Pellets are produced in the UK and hold the ENplusA2 Standard. They are made to the highest standard and burn evenly with minimal ash.

ENplus®A2 grade wood pellets
BSL authorised supplier
FSC® Certified Wood from Well-Managed Woodland
Low ash content <0.7%
Dust content <1%
Moisture content <10%
High ash melting temperature >1200°C
Made from virgin wood

Our products are some of the lowest carbon heating wood pellets available on the market. This uses locally sourced, low grade biomass for generating 100% of the electrical and heat energy required in the wood pellet production cycle.

Woodlets are suitable for use in all wood pellet boilers, multi fuel stoves and also pizza ovens.

Pallet size and Weight
100cm x 120cm x 160cm, 960kg per pallet

Packaging: 15 kg bags

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