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Nestro Briquettes

NESTRO type has a cylindrical shape and it is made from pine, oak and birch saw dust.They are made by moulding in a hydraulic or a shock – a mechanical press. Briquettes are composed with compacted forestall biomass It is 100% ecological, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals

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Nestro Briquettes

Nestro briquettes are made from high quality softwood sawdust that is hot pressed into a unique shape using an industrial press rod. Set a Nestro softwood log to one side and you’ll see that it’s almost exactly the shape of a fireplace. This is not a coincidence. This vented cylindrical shape helps create a chimney effect in the trunk itself, increasing the amount of air that passes through the trunk. This creates more flames and therefore more heat.

Each Nestro Briquette weighs two kilograms and emits an incredible amount of heat. Because of this, you may not always want to use a full Nestro briquette at once. Fortunately, portioning is easy as each log is designed to break easily with bare hands. Just apply a little pressure.

How to use Nestro briquettes.
Nestro’s softwood briquettes are incredibly easy to use:

Use a lighter and kindling to start a fire.
Once it is burning well, split the Nestro softwood log into 3 or 4 parts.
Place a Nestro log or two over the flames.

Nestro Briquettes: Key Benefits
Ultra high cooking temperature. Nestro’s softwood briquettes are one of the most efficient wood fuels on the market. This means they can keep your home warm even in the bitterest cold. In fact, the product generates so much heat that we recommend our customers break it into several small pieces before using it.
Magnificent aroma of soft wood. Nestro’s briquettes are made from a blend of natural softwood sawdust and produce a delightful aroma when burned. Most people associate this scent with Christmas, making Nestro softwood logs perfect for the holiday season or any other time you want to relax.
High energy density. Nestro’s softwood logs are incredibly energy dense, with each log containing over 10,000 Wh of energy. To put that in context, that’s more than the battery capacity of many plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Briquettes size: 85/90 x 85 x 320
Humidity: 5-6 %
Calorific value: 18,5 MJ/kg
Ash: content: 0.3-0.5 %

Standard Packing
Pack – 10 kg bags
Containing – 12 briquettes.
Full pallet – 96 packs.
Weights – 960 kg