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RUF Bark Briquettes

Wind down the air and these are sure to stay in overnight. Bark briquettes have extremely long burning time up to 10-16 hours. That is not to say you can come down next morning, give them a poke and they burst into flames, rather that there is still a good warmth in the stove and a glow from the ashes. Bark does produce extra ash, more ash creates a bigger heat store, but also more ash to dispose of the next day

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Combusting temperature: 4200Kcal/kg
Moisture: around 8-12%
Ash content : around 1%
Mechanical durability: 95%
Partly destroyed briquettes: 2%
Size : 155 x 110 x 65 mm
Packaging: 12 blocks weights around 10 kg, 96 packs on pallet